Why are statement earrings the best kind of earrings?


Hi, so I've just come over to mention that if you don't know what statement earrings are, you're missing out! 💁🏼‍♀️

Statement earrings are exactly that— earrings that draw attention from others with their size and bold designs

You can use these in many ways, and here I list some of 'em: 


1. Dress up a casual look ✨

If you're going to college or to the mall, you can definitely add these pretties to your usual jeans and t-shirt or a cute top! (I usually buy mine in Zara or SOLA). This will actually make your outfit stand out, I do this all the time by wearing my favorite pair of jeans with some sneakers and a loose shirt! 


2. Add a little ~razzle dazzle~ to your black outfits 

Um hello, I see you throwing over a black dress or a black colored outfit wherever you go, it's fine! (I do it too lol) but using small jewelry won't make it pop 💥 Instead, use some big earrings to step it up a little bit and look effortlessly beautiful. This will change your whole outfit, trust me. I love using my casual black dress with sneakers and some statement earrings to look pretty. It works! 


3. Going au-naturel? Don't forget your earrings then! 

Keeping up with a makeup and hair routine can be pretty exhausting, I feel you. That's why most of the time I just leave my house with my bare face and my natural hair. But, I make sure that if I'm not going to use makeup or straighten my hair my jewelry will speak for me. I learned that a long time ago with a friend and that advice has stuck ever since. Go ahead and learn them keys, I'm not going to last forever! 🔑


4. Color coordinate your outfits with your jewelry 😉

Okay so, hear me out. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than seeing a color coordinated instagram post. You can do this to make your profile stand out and draw attention from your followers! You can look for some inspiration online or go to the spot beforehand and plan your outfit. For example, If you've been to Old San Juan you may remember that there are some iconic walls with beautiful colors. So, Let's say that if you choose to take a picture with a red wall background you can use some clothing that contrasts (or matches) with the wall. Assuming that you want to use light pink or white, you can use both jewelry and outfits of that color! Not only will it look bold, but it will also be a pretty picture. 


These are just a few tips and tricks to add these awesome pieces of jewelry to your closet, I hope that you can incorporate them to your daily life! If you liked this post and want to see more like these, make sure to let me know! Here are our social media handles: 

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