Eunoia tips: a monthly series

Hey eunoia babes 🌞💖

Summer has started and that can only mean one thing: VACATIONS! (Well, not exactly... We're grown, but you get me) 

This is a time to unwind, do all the things you wanted to do throughout the semester, and most importantly focus on yourself (This includes your personal goals too!) 🕺🏼

Summer for me has always meant a time to prioritize my goals and focus on my wellbeing. I mean, with a lot of time in my hands it can sometimes get a little crazy! That's why I try to establish some routines that can help me stay focused even on my laziest days 😴

After some thorough thinking I decided to share some love with y'all and bring something to life: Eunoia Tips! These tips will be on a format of instagram posts with self-motivation and ideas that will help you incorporate an eunoia lifestyle into your life.

Since eunoia means "well mind; beautiful thinking" I figured that we need to think beautifully and do some things in order to maintain a well mind, because sometimes we get overwhelmed with day-to-day stress and eventually forget to ground ourselves. 

I'm positive that if we bond, share and care for each other we'll create a beautiful community of empowerment and common goals! If you happen to read this and want to share a tip to feature it in our instagram, message us at 


Claudia 🌺


 Eunoia Boutique    



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